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I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain
Seen sunny days that I thought would never end
Seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought I’d see you again

Standing at the window in Thalia’s room, Evie stared at the streets below, watching and waiting for a tell tale sign. And when she finally heard the bells ringing and saw the start of a line of red capes enter the courtyard her heart swelled.

Turning toward Thalia she grinned widely to her friend, both looking relieved to be welcoming Arthur, Merlin and all of the knights back home again.

Hardly able to contain her joy, Evie had to stop herself from running as she and Thalia made their way down to the entry way, where they appeared a few moments later.

Something, however, seemed amiss, the expressions of the Knights was rather unsettling and both women were unsure of what to expect. Behind the first few knights, Arthur rode in, a second horse tied to his own, and Evie watched intently, suddenly feeling a gut wrenching sensation wash over her.

As they all dismounted, a couple of the knights attended to the horse where a limp figure was lying across, and carefully pulled them down. Evie felt everything inside of her plummet, and she went completely numb.

Merlin looked pale and nearly lifeless as he was carried across the courtyard and Evie stared in horror. She made to bolt down the stairs but Thalia grabbed her and held her back, even as she fought to get away.

She couldn’t hold back her tears any longer as she cried out, her voice echoing off the walls. Merlin was quickly taken off to Gaius, and Evie was finding her ability to keep fighting Thalia’s hold diminish as her strength fell away. And she quickly fell to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably.

Thalia sat down beside her and pulled Evie into a hug, consoling her friend. “He’s going to be okay.” She insisted softly, trying to keep herself together, and looking over Evie’s shoulder, Thalia caught Arthur’s eye as he was walking past. His face was grim and distressed, and he held her gaze for a moment before he too disappeared. Shutting her eyes, Thalia hugged her maid as Evie clung to her for dear life. “Shh,” she soothed, doing her best not to tear up as well.

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And the truth is
I am scared all the time
I’m terrified
When I think of the world without her

Hearing the door open from the other room, Thalia picked up her head, assuming it was Evie having finished her errands early. “You’re back early,” she called out. “Was Merlin not there to side track you today?” Thalia asked as she walked into her bed chamber, a grin on her face.

Evie didn’t respond, though, and Thalia raised an eyebrow moving further into the room. “Evie?” She asked of her ladies maid, the redheads back turned toward her. “Are you alright?” She questioned further at her prolonged silence.

Evie turned then and Thalia realized that it wasn’t Evie, she knew her face anywhere, and this was in fact not her friend. Thalia’s eyes drifted to where her daggers lay on her dresser, across the room, weighing how much time she’d have. “Who are you?” She questioned, hoping to distract her long enough to reach them.

The faux maid simply smiled a gap toothed smile, reaching for the pouch at her side. “GUARDS!” Thalia cried out as a last resort, knowing it was too far to get to her blades. The faux-Evie simply laughed.

“They’re not coming for you,” she taunted moving forward, a dagger glistening in her hand as it caught the light from the window. As she threw the pointed edge forward, Thalia moved out of the way just in time, but before she had a chance to regain her composure having hit a chair behind her, she was caught off guard.

Eyes widening, Thalia gasped loudly as a sharp pain spread like fire across her stomach and side, a small bloom of red seeping into the white fabric of her gown. The woman laughed again, and with great force, yanked the blade from Thalia’s skin.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, the two guards posted outside of Thalia’s chamber lay dead on the stone, their own blood pooling beneath them. Arthur was coming around the corner at that moment when he noticed the scene, and without a second to think he ran to Thalia’s door slamming it open.

Across the room, Thalia stood holding her side with one hand, blood seeping through her fingers, and a chair with the other for support, and behind her a young red head’s image faded into the all too well known facade of Morgause. Arthur reached for his sword, preparing to charge the sorceress but she was gone in a flash, and he stopped, his gaze falling upon Thalia, who was looking faint.

Thalia’s knees buckled beneath her and the chair could no longer hold the weight of her body up. Just as she about hit the stone floor, she fell against another person, her eyes drifting up to see Arthur above her. She wanted to say something to him, but when she opened her mouth all that came out was a gasp of pain, her hand still clamped tightly over the wound in her side.

In and out, her breathing grew ragged and her free hand knotted itself in Arthur’s tunic, holding on for dear life. Arthur’s face looked too stunned to even react, he felt as if he didn’t know what to do, he refused to just leave her here and carrying her would most certainly do more damage than good. All he had left to do was yell, and hope someone heard him.

After what felt like hours without anything or anyone, Thalia began to fade. She could feel her energy draining from her body as she began to slump little by little, her hand sliding from her wound to the floor.

“No,” Arthur said, choking on a sob. “You need to stay with me. Thalia!” He demanded, trying to keep her awake, anything, until someone could get help. Turning her blue eyes up to his, Thalia took in a shallow breath and shook her head, her way of saying she was too tired, and her breathing began to slow down.

“A-Arthur,” she attempted to say, her voice barely above a whisper, but she stopped herself, it hurt too much to speak. With a sudden sharp inhale her eyes began to fall closed until her head fell limp against his arm.

Like two strangers turning into dust
'til my hand shook the way I fear
I could possibly be fading
Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder

As they were thrown into the midst of a battle, Arthur, Thalia, Merlin and the Knights of Camelot, prepared themselves to what would most likely be their end as dozens of Mordred’s men surrounded them, outnumbered by many. Moments of silence passed, and Mordred stepped through the shield of soldiers, feet away from where Arthur stood.

“Surrender, and you can all keep your lives,” Mordred spoke then. “I do not wish to make a bloodbath of you.”

“So that we may live in agony as your prisoners?” Arthur questioned sharply, his eyes turning back on the man half his age before him. 

Taking in a breath, Arthur looked to Merlin, his most trusted adviser and friend, both of them sharing a knowing look. And then Arthur looked to his wife, his stubborn, strong, beautiful wife and Thalia looked back at him with all the love and support in the world, her hands tightening around her daggers. ”Camelot and all those in it will go down in a blaze of glory before they ever surrender.”

“So be it,” Mordred stated simply, retreating to the back of the crowd, his hand waving in the air, and seconds later they charged. Sounds of clashing weapons filled the room. Thalia threw herself back as a sword came down just in front of her and brought her arms up struggling, blades against blade, but managing a hand free she drew her dagger across his neck, kicking him to the floor.

Turning her head, she saw a flash of light as Merlin threw several of Mordred’s men into the stone pillars behind them, and she looked again finding Arthur locking in a fight with another. A sharp pain seared through her arm as the edge of a sword raked at her arm, and she cried out spinning and ducking bringing her knee up into the man’s gut, and then grabbing hold of the hilt of his sword bringing her elbow into his face.

One of Thalia’s daggers fell to the floor as she was rammed and thrown sideways, hitting the stone below, looking up as the point of a sword came towards her she threw up her one dagger and used all of her strength to push it aside enough to allow her a cavity of space to escape. Back on her feet a moment later, Thalia threw her free hand up grabbing his neck, time slowing down momentarily allowing her just the right amount of time to confess him. With black eyes the soldier turned instantaneously on his comrades, fighting alongside the Queen, who was fighting every fiber of fatigue that began to settle.

As Thalia looked around then, she noticed more and more red capes standing out in the mess of people, it seemed as if they were winning, but she didn’t want to give herself false hope, by the looks of it, Mordred was still alive and untouched.

Duel after duel, Thalia fought, she fought for her life, she fought for Arthur, and she fought for Aurelia, it was all for her, her precious little girl, who knew nothing of bloodshed and vicious battles.

Few were left standing, only a handful of Mordred’s men and even less for Camelot’s, but it was enough still.

“I must say I underestimated you,” Mordred spoke then, walking across the bodies scattered amongst the floor, coming to a stop feet away from Arthur, who stood bloody and sweating and almost out of air. Mordred however, took no notice of the silence that had fallen and without a word he attacked, Arthur’s reflexes too fast for him as he struck back.

Thalia turned her head as she heard the cry of a soldier, seeing a man running towards her, sword aimed at her and she ducked out of the way, coming up behind him and ramming her remaining dagger through his back. Merlin was out of the way trying to regain most of his strength, too many spells had made him weary, and Thalia noticed a soldier sneaking up on him and she threw her last dagger, where it embedded itself in the man’s chest.

Grabbing the sword of a fallen soldier, Thalia drove it right through the stomach of another man and watched him fall.

A feeling of dread rose inside of her as she heard a cry of pain and she turned seeing the pointed end of a sword piercing through Arthur’s back, causing him to fall to his knees.

“NO.” Thalia’s anguished screech carried through the room, she could feel her heart stop beating as the blood began to pool around him. Her breathing grew heavy, and her body began to tremble as her blood burned inside of her, and as if a torch had been lit, her eyes turned the deepest color of blood. Turning her head, looking inhuman, three of Mordred’s men advanced on the Queen then, planning to make it a double killing, but instead she put up her hand confessing each of them without a single touch.

“Kill each other!” She commanded, her voice sounding gravelly and unlike herself, and she turned her sadistic glare on two more of Mordred’s men who were backing away slowly, seeing what had happened to their friends, but two of the Knights came up putting their swords through them. Thalia’s sights set now on Mordred, who was kneeling in front of Arthur, the worst kind of expression written across his face.

She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Arthur raise his sword, and with his remaining strength he thrust it straight into Mordred. The look on the younger man’s face fell as he realized what had just happened. Thalia, however, was torn from the moment as Gwaine yanked her aside, pinning her arms to her sides.

“Thalia,” he snapped, having been well versed for situations like this, he was the knight she trusted most (simply because she entrusted her best friend’s heart to him). “You need to come out of this!” His face was determined and fierce, but also gentle in the way that was necessary. “Come on, Thalia,” he continued.

Thalia stared wide eyed at him, taking a few moments for the gears to turn in her head and just as suddenly as it’d come, the red drained from her eyes and she fell to the floor, Gwaine catching her just in time and setting her down.

Out of breath, Thalia shook her head, “no,” she told Gwaine. “No, make sure Arthur, help him,” she insisted, she would come out of this, she didn’t know, however, if Arthur would.

“Merlin is with him,” Gwaine replied. “And on the contrary, I am sure his Magesty would have me thrown to the wildeoren if I didn’t make sure you were well.”

Thalia was fighting against the fatigue she felt once again, and looked around Gwaine trying to see Arthur. Merlin was kneeling over him, deep in concentration. Despite how tired she felt, she pushed herself onto her knees and crawled across the floor, ignoring Gwaine’s offer to help her walk.

Stopping for a moment, Thalia stared at Mordred’s dead body, Excalibur still justting out from his chest, but she didn’t linger for long. Moving up beside Arthur, she held back the sharp pain in her chest from seeing him like this.

As if he’d sensed her presence, Arthur’s hand stretched out weakly across the floor, and Thalia looked at him, the tears filling her eyes then. Closing her hand over his, he opened his eyes slightly, looking at her, he gave her a strangled smile, as if he were trying to reassure her that everything was fine, as he always tried to do.

Tightening her hold on Arthur’s hand, Thalia looked up to Merlin, who was sitting up now, her face stained with blood and sweat and tears. “Can you save him?” She croaked, choking on a sob.

Since I promised Liz a fic for a fic, here’s a small flashback fic of my Modern AU epic of Thalia, Arthur, Merlin and Evie. :D

“Why didn’t we just do this in the first place, again?” Evie asked as she broke apart a slice of pizza from the half empty box sitting on the floor.

“Because someone here was nominated for Prom King,” Thalia noted, turning her head to see an almost glum looking Arthur devouring the two slices of pizza in either of his hands.

Tonight had been their Senior Prom, and the four friends had all gotten dressed up and gone, but when Arthur lost out on the crown to one of the other guys, and the music started to get worse and worse with each passing minute they all ditched as soon as they could.

They were now sitting on the floor of Thalia’s bedroom gorging themselves on pizza while Stephen King’s Carrie played on the TV in the background.

“I think someone’s still a little bitter they lost,” Merlin said, and finally Arthur looked up with a glare.

“I am not bitter.”

“No, you’re just pouting.” Thalia told him, mocking a pout herself, Arthur simply huffed.

“Am not.” He retorted shortly.

“Well, I, personally, feel this should have been the first choice, period.” Evie spoke up then with a nod. “This years dance was sort of really terrible,” and she was right. The night had been a disaster from the start, and everything that could have gone wrong, did. “Though, I suppose, nothing could really compare to last years,” she commented aloud, looking over at Merlin with a grin.

“Aw, not this stuff again. Really, you two just sicken me, sometimes.” Arthur said with a shake of his head, and Thalia elbowed him in the ribs. “Ow,” he stated loudly, glaring at her.

“Oh, quit being bitter about losing,” she told him, scrunching up her face at him.

“Oh, come on, we all knew Arthur was a sore loser already,” Merlin piped up then, grinning innocently at his friends glare. “Well, it’s true.” He nodded then.

Thalia and Evie both laughed. “Okay, okay,” Thalia said through her laughter. “Let’s do something other than pick on Arthur.” She shook her head. “He’s sensitive, y’know.”


A week had come to pass since the attack on Camelot, much of the Kingdom was still in shambles, but they were rebuilding, their hope restored. The people, though, were still grieving for their Princess, the small child who became the victim of a vicious war.

It had taken Gaius and Evie the entire night, but they had managed to save Aurelia, and Thalia and Arthur were finally allowed in to see her the next morning. The young Princess slept for three more days before she finally awoke, scared and confused, and since awaking she was terrified to be alone.

Thalia, Arthur, Merlin, Evie and even Gaius all made sure that someone was with her at all times and even when they couldn’t, one of the Knights was there with her, which was fine because Aurelia loved tagging around after the Knights, and all of them enjoyed her presence just as much.

Aurelia was fast asleep against Thalia’s side, her small hands curled up around pieces of her mother’s dress. Smiling down at her daughter she carefully shifted her position so she could rise from the bed. Aurelia didn’t even notice, she simply curled back up and remained deep in sleep. Walking across the room, Thalia pulled the glass window closed and looked back at her sleeping Angel with a smile before she walked from the room, making sure one of the Knights was posted just outside the door before she left.

Walking into their room, Thalia found Arthur and Merlin packing up some things. They had planned a counterstrike on Mordred since the day after the attack, and they were all leaving at first light. “I’m going with you,” Thalia stated aloud then, stopping both men in their tracks, both pairs of eyes coming to face her, but Thalia’s face was determined, she meant it.

“Thalia,” Arthur started, but she cut him off.

“No, I’m going with you. This was an attack on me just as much as you, and I want the see the monster who almost killed our daughter killed.”

Arthur and Merlin shared a glance before Merlin cleared his throat and walked from the room.

“Arthur,” Thalia started before he could even open his mouth, and she took a few steps toward him. “I’m not going to stand idly by, I can’t do that.”

“But someone needs to be here for Aurelia, Thalia,” Arthur countered lamely.

“Gaius and Evie can watch her, and you already said Leon was staying behind as protective guard, and you know how much she loves Leon. Aurelia will be fine, Arthur, but I don’t know if I will.” She shook her head. “You’re running out there blindly, you don’t even know what Mordred is actually capable of, and yes, I know, you have Merlin with you, but I can’t just let you run out there sword brandished. I almost lost our daughter, I’m not going to lose you. I’m going with you.” Thalia’s tone was final, and Arthur knew better than to think he had any chance of convincing her otherwise.

“Fine,” Arthur caved, though he still obviously didn’t approve of it. “Just,” he spoke up again, catching her before she turned away. Thalia stopped and looked back at him as Arthur closed the gap between them, moving his hands to hold her face. “Please be careful,” he said, knowing her well enough.

Looking up at her husband, Thalia moved her hand overtop one of his. “I could say the same for you,” she told him in reply. “I can’t lose you.” She spoke softly shaking her head, her blue eyes full of emotion.

“What do I have to do to prove myself to you?” Arthur asked, his features showing the distress he felt. He’d gone so long without her. He’d gone through life without living. Then she walked back into his life - turning everything upside down. She couldn’t leave; he wouldn’t let her.
They spent several minutes in silence. Thalia was shaking, willing herself to not break down. To not cry. It tore Arthur apart to see that. He loved her. He loved her with all his heart. He loved all that she was and stood for. He knew that he would never love anyone again. His restless heart wouldn’t settle for less.

“Thalia,” He spoke again, more gentle than before. His voice depicting how tired he was. Not just from the aftermath of the battle, but from all the hiding and silence from both parties. 

“Thalia, you mean the world to me. I can’t imagine life without you. I can’t go through that again. I know you feel the same way. Please, please don’t do this. I love you. I love you, Thalia Alcott.”

(Credit to Liz for the ficlet)

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“Thalia,” Arthur’s voice broke, though he did his best to cover it. “Please,” he sounded so desperate, never had she heard him sound like this, and as much as it hurt to see the anguish on his face she shook her head.

“I can’t, Arthur. I have to leave, it’s what is best for the both of us.” Thalia was determined to stick to the speech she’d rehearsed in her head as she fought the tears that were starting to fall from her eyes. “It’s just too hard, to be this close to you. I thought I could handle it, but I can’t, it hurts too much, and knowing what would happen to you, what I can do to you,” she broke away having to look down. Picking up her hand she wiped the tears from her cheek and turned her blue eyes back towards him.

“Tomorrow, I’m leaving, I’ve already sent word to my sister.” Thalia nodded. Arthur looked like he wanted to speak, to beg her not to go, but he’d already said everything he could.

“Please,” he tried again, but Thalia shook her head turning away.

“I’m sorry, Arthur, but now you can move on, you can find someone you can actually be with. You can become King, have a Queen, have a family. You deserve that, you deserve the world, and I know that you will be the Leader that this Kingdom needs.”

Refusing to look at him anymore, she turned away, having made up her mind. “Goodbye, Arthur,” she managed to croak before she walked from the room, doing everything she could to convince herself. This was for the best.

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Fuck yeah. Reblogging myself like a ~pro. I got lazy. I ALREADY HAD THE GRAPHIC MADE. SO I FIGURED I’D JUST REBLOG IT. OKAY.

Thalia was behind him, her knuckles white from her tight hold on the dagger she held, her blue eyes burning a hole through his back. She knew there was no one here, she knew it had been her Mistress, planting a seed, an opportunity to get him alone. As soon as they entered a clearing, each of them silent, listening for any sign of a threat, Thalia stepped up closer to him.

“Merlin, must be on the cider again,” Arthur muttered with a shake of his head. “There is no one here,” he announced to Thalia and turned around.

As soon as he turned Thalia had her dagger raised and she brought it down, but he was too quick for her and dodged out of the way just in time. The dagger fell to the ground and Arthur looked confused and horrified.

Looking down at her dagger on the ground Thalia looked back up at Arthur, who had now backed away from her, her eyes were wide with nothing but hatred written across her face. She let out a yell as she ran at him again, her other dagger raised in her hand, but he grabbed her wrist just as she brought it down toward his chest once again.

“Thalia, what are you doing?!” He asked with urgency.

“I am pleasing my Mistress!” Thalia told him with frustration and with a quick evasive motion her wrist was pulled from his grasp and she had her hand against his neck backing him up against a tree staring into his eyes. “Stop fighting me!” She ordered, her eyes turning black, but what she expected to be an obedient slave was not listening to her. Arthur grabbed her arms and pushed her aside spinning them around and pinning her against the tree this time, her arms held at her sides.

Thalia was shocked, morbidly shocked. “How dare you disobey me!” She seethed at him through clenched teeth.

“Thalia!” Arthur snapped, fighting to keep his hold on her. “Thalia, look at me! You are not yourself! Something has happened to you!”

Thalia just stared at him, her eyes narrowing. “Of course, something happened to me, you idiot. Why else do you think I came back? I never would have come back if my Mistress hadn’t asked me to.” Her words distracted him enough that she was able to break free and bring her leg up kneeing him in the stomach, and while he had to recapture his composure she spun out of his hold and grabbed his sword from his belt, holding it up to him, her eyes staring down the length of the blade.

“I was right to leave, you know,” she spoke as they danced around in circles now, Thalia with Arthur’s sword held up to his chest and Arthur attempting to find some way to stop her. “It was best for me, my Mistress found me, and now I can be free.” With her last word she jabbed forward, and Arthur hit the ground rolling, grabbing one of her daggers and jumping back to his feet stopping the sword with the small dagger.

Bringing back the sword again Thalia thrust it forward and Arthur jumped out of the way, looking at her with fear in his eyes. “Thalia, I don’t want to fight you! Please.”

“Begging now, are we?” She smirked. “How about you beg for your life, instead?” Suddenly Thalia pulled the sword back, spun herself around and aimed low, bringing the blunt edge of the blade into the back of his knees, causing them to buckle and sending him flat on his back. Moving over top of him, she held the point pressed against where his heart was, her eyes narrow slits staring down at him.

“Last words?” She dared him to speak. Arthur simply stared up at her.

“Thalia,” he said, his voice cracking, which ignited a spark deep inside of her. “I know this isn’t you doing this. Y-you’re confessed, somehow, but this isn’t you.” Arthur’s blue eyes were wide and his voice was sincere. “Just fight it. Fight it, I know you can.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Thalia spat in disgust, pressing the tip of the sword into his armor, piercing a hole through the chain mail and nicking the skin enough so that a bead of blood bloomed.

Arthur swallowed and kept staring at her, making no reaction. “Thalia, I love you.” He said then, their gazes frozen together. Thalia stared back, her blue eyes wide, a red tint appearing at the edges, something screamed inside of her head, something that was pushing her confessed self aside. Her face twisted back and forth between horror and anger, but as soon as she heard his last three words it all came together, like a key in a lock.

Thalia’s grip on the hilt loosened first, and then her arms slumped and slowly but surely she gave in, gave in to the overwhelming fatigue that was quickly overtaking her, and then the sword fell from her hold and Arthur pushed it aside. Her knees buckled and quickly he caught her as she fell right into his arms, her body slumped against his.

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Once the ceremony had finished, the King and his new Bride went off into the palace, in order to allow for time to prepare for the official announcement to the Kingdom of their marriage.

Most of the walk Arthur remained quiet, he’d simply said he had a surprise for her, and Thalia was curious as to what he had planned. She tried questioning him, but all he would tell her was. “You’ll see.” With the biggest grin plastered on his face.

Finally they came to a stop just outside of his chamber’s and Arthur turned to face Thalia and she went to question him but he stopped her, simply holding up his hand and she raised an eyebrow.

“This was a right pain trying to keep away from you,” he started. “So, now that we are officially married, I have a wedding present, for my beautiful wife.” Arthur smiled at her. “But, I’m going to need you to close your eyes.”

“Why?” Thalia asked suspiciously, unsure of what to expect on the other side of that door.

“Just, please?” He asked and she gave him a look for a moment before she closed her eyes. “And do not even think about looking early,” he warned and Thalia just smiled.

“Alright, my eyes are closed.” She said and heard the door open, Thalia was unsure of what to do until she felt Arthur take her hands and pull her forward. She felt like she was going to run into something and kept wanting to open her eyes, but she didn’t, and finally Arthur put his hands on her shoulders to stop her.

“Okay, open your eyes,” he told her and she did.

In front of her on the wall was a tapestry, made of blue and gold and silver, and it looked like any ordinary stitched tapestry. Upon it several shapes were sewn in, and it took a moment for her eyes to adjust and she realized what it was. It was a portrait of a piece of the night sky, more importantly it was a portrait of the constellation Orion.

“Orion in the sky,” Thalia said aloud, a smile spreading across her face.

“Always linking you and I,” Arthur finished for her. Thalia was about to look at him when suddenly she was taken aback as the tapestry transformed in front of her. No longer was it just plain thread stitching, the images were moving, clouds swirling and stars twinkling.

“I had Merlin add a couple of things to it,” he commented, as Thalia stared in disbelief and awe. It was absolutely breathtaking, and beautiful, and she knew that this was, absolutely, the most perfect gift that she could ever had received from anyone.

“Arthur,” Thalia breathed out then, finding herself completely at a loss for words.

“I figured, this way, even when the sun is out, or the clouds are covering the sky, you will always have the stars.”

Turning around, Thalia walked up towards Arthur, just looking at him, with such adoration on her face, she felt as if the entire day were a dream, a fairy tale that she’d read about, but it wasn’t. Everything was real, it was happening, and she felt like the luckiest woman on the Earth. Not for the fact that she was going to be a Queen, but for the fact that she had found the one person who so completely loved and respected her, that could not be harmed by her touch.

“I love you, Arthur Pendragon,” she said, unable to contain the smile on her face, tears of absolute joy welling in her eyes. This day was absolutely perfect, and there was nothing more in this world that she wanted, than the man standing in front of her at that moment.

This is for Liz! <333 :D

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“Thalia? Is everything alright?” Morgana’s voice was soft as she entered Thalia’s room that afternoon. “Evie stopped and said you needed to speak to me.”

Thalia looked across the room and nodded to her. “Yes, but, close the door, please.” She said, looking slightly nervous. Morgana gave her a questioning look before shutting the door behind her and crossing the floor.

“I haven’t told Arthur, yet, so you’re the first to know, well, aside from Gaius, but-” Thalia paused, keeping her friend in suspense, and Morgana’s brow raised slightly, noticing the smile on Thalia’s face. “I’m- I’m pregnant, Morgana.” She finally said, a wild grin spreading across her face as she admitted it. “I’m pregnant!”

Without a word, Morgana pulled Thalia into a hug, both laughing in joy. “This is wonderful news!”

Feel free to delete my horrid writing if you wish.